Archived Premiership Statistics (06/07)

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Archived Premiership Football Statistics (06/07)

The following statistics aim to give you valuable information with which to make more informed decisions about how best to place your hard earned money, without having to trawl other sites. A full range of premiership statistics are now available from the premiership table through to recent form, half time full time analysis and goals scored/conceded for several time intervals.

All stats are the final stats for the 2006/2007 season.

Premiership Table

Premiership Leading Goalscorers

Premiership Recent Form - Won, Drawn or Lost last 6 games home and away.

Premiership Half Time / Full Time - No. of games played split between half time / full time results.

Premiership Goals Scored/Conceded 45 - No. of goals scored/conceded in 45 minute intervals.

Premiership Goals Scored/Conceded 10 - No. of goals scored/conceded in 10 minute intervals.