Football Betting Strategies

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Football Betting Strategies

The following is designed to serve as a guide to different strategies that you can use to hopefully ensure that you make profit, or at least break even. There is no such thing as a no lose strategy but some common sense in conjunction with a well thought out strategy and some patience should yield results.

Free Bets

Make the most of free bets offered by various bookmakers. You will have to lay out initial stakes with each account but the free bets may well give you a great starting fund.

Money-Back Specials

Money-back specials are a great way of covering your bet. Most bookmakers offer some sort of money-back special where your stake is returned should your bet lose but another outcome happens. For instance, your losing 1st goalscorer stake might be returned if your player scores 2nd or stakes might be refunded on a number of markets if the underdog wins.

Accounts with Multiple Bookmakers

Open accounts with multiple bookmakers as the odds offered on the same matches can vary, so always aim to place your bet with the bookie that offers you the best odds; it's all about maximising your profit.

Double To Recover

If you've lost a bet, double your stake on your next bet with the aim of recovering any losses, taking into account any variation of odds between successive bets. This is quite a risky strategy as there is no guarantee that you will win your successive bets, so the further you pursue this strategy the riskier it becomes.

Lucky 15

A lucky 15 is basically 15 bets. You pick the outcomes of 4 matches and the 15 bets comprises all the singles, doubles, trebles and yankee; so 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 yankee. This type of bet can be quite expensive although predicting 3 results correctly should cover your stake, and if all 4 come in you should be in for some tidy profit. A variation of this bet is to predict correct scores in the 4 matches rather than just the outcomes, which bumps up the odds considerably and also the risk.


If you can be a certain that the outcome of an event will not happen, that narrows down the possibilities to bet on i.e. if you are sure a team will not lose a game just stake money on the draw and the win. This method covers your bets and should make profit as long as you initial assumptions are correct.

Double Correct Score with First Goalscorer

This is a common bet offered by bookmakers, probably because the outcome is very difficult to predict. Pick the scorer of the first goal coupled with the correct final score. The odds offered are usually slightly less than if you had taken them as separate bets in an accumulator, but specials is how a lot of bookies make their money.

Half Time / Full Time

To increase the odds of a normal match odds bet where you would pick a home win, away win or draw, instead go for the half time / full time option. The odds should at least be double that of the normal match odds bet. Maximum odds are on offer for home win at half time and away win at full time.

Spread Your Bets

Spread your bets across a range of games where you can confidently pick the winner, adjusting the stake in accordance with the risk. In cases where one or two outcomes are not as expected, the rest of your bets should cover your losses. If all bets come in you are in for some tidy profit.

Recent History

It is surprisingly common how often results between teams are identical from one season to the next e.g. Tottenham - Arsenal nearly always ends in a 1-1 draw. Look out for these sort of fixtures and stake cash on either the correct score or the home win, away win or draw.

Spot The Value

Sometimes the bookies can get the odds wrong; it doesn't happen often but you should be alert to the possibility. Look out for less fashionable sides hitting a good run of form coming up against teams expected to win. Also look out for players coming back from injury or suspension, scoring midfielders, scoring centre halves or penalty takers for value in first scorer bets.

Accumulators Over Successive Days

With so much televised football all over the weekend, take advantage and include in accumulators fixtures that occur on successive days i.e. predict three matches on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. If all games on the Saturday come in you can cover the other possible outcomes from the Sunday game, thus maximising your profit without loss.