Archived Premiership Tips (10th May 2005)

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Archived Premiership Football Betting Tips (10th May 2005)

Premiership football betting tips are given one of the following three ratings:


 Banker, large stake, predicted outcome is more than likely.


 Likely outcome, medium stake, worth a gamble.


 Worth a flutter, small stake, be prudent and stick to matches where you can spot the value.

Below were the predicted outcomes for the midweek fixtures of 10th and 11th May 2005.

Archived Premiership football betting tips (10th & 11th May 2005)

Tues 8:00 Man Utd v Chelsea
  Normally 3rd against 1st would be a very spicy occasion but now that the top 4 places are settled, Chelsea have won the title and United are preparing for their only silverware in the form of the FA Cup, don't expect too much from this game. If you take recent form into account Chelsea have won all their away fixtures whilst United remain undefeated in their home games but form may well go out of the window here. If United rest players expect a relative poor level of performance as they no longer have the talent in depth as they once did, as evidenced by their draw at home against West Brom; it remains to be seen whether some of those players will still be at Old Trafford next season. Chelsea lack penetration without Duff and Robben, and without them Liverpool showed that they can be stopped by pressing their midfield. Expect a goalless stalemate.
Draw 0-0
Wed 8:00 Arsenal v Everton
  Arsenal have as good as confirmed 2nd place and guaranteed qualification to next season's Champions League. At the moment there is a 19 point gap between these two and I expect Arsenal to firmly put Everton in their place and show them that the gap is in class and not just on paper. Everton played Newcastle at home at the weekend and were totally outplayed for the first half and were lucky to go in ahead by a single goal; an instance that has summed up most of Everton's season. They have 1 or 2 good players such as Cahill but will find the Champions League difficult and also a distraction to next season's Premiership competition. Arsenal may not win anything this season but maybe they've learnt a thing or two and I expect them to be in contention for most things come the end of next season, but a good win against Everton will do for today.
Home Win 2-0